Empowering Education and Adventure: Board Peak Adventures’ CSR Project in Testay, Pakistan

Board Peak Adventures has recently launched in Pakistan as a new adventure travel agency. The company aims to promote adventure tourism and contribute to the community. As part of this mission, the company has started a project to help students in a remote village called Testay, Shigar in the Gilgit Baltistan region of Pakistan.

Testay is a small village situated in the northern part of Pakistan in the Karakoram mountain range. Despite its natural beauty, the village is remote and impoverished, with many families struggling to make ends meet. In response, Board Peak Adventures has initiated a project to support the education of children in Testay.

The project aims to provide educational resources and support to students in the village, with the hope of creating a positive impact on their lives. Board Peak Adventures has donated books, stationery, and other educational resources to the local school in Testay with the help of the local community. Additionally, the company plans to provide scholarships to students who excel academically and in extracurricular activities such as adventure sports.

Moreover, Board Peak Adventures is committed to creating employment opportunities for the people of Testay. The company intends to hire local guides and porters for its adventure tours, which will help promote the region as a tourist destination while also providing employment opportunities to the locals.

Board Peak Adventures’ project in Testay exemplifies the company’s dedication to corporate social responsibility. By providing educational resources, scholarships, and employment opportunities, the company is improving the lives of the people in Testay while promoting adventure tourism in the region.

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