Gondogoro La trek & K2 Trek: 20-Day Tour

20 Days

Welcome to the Gondogoro La Trek, a breathtaking adventure through the heart of the Karakoram Range in Pakistan. This itinerary is designed to provide you with a memorable and safe experience while exploring one of the most stunning trekking routes in the world.

The K2 and Gondogoro La Trek invites you to explore the enchanting realm of the Karakoram mountain range, nestled within Pakistan’s Gilgit Baltistan region. K2, the planet’s second-highest mountain, earns its regal moniker as the “King of the Karakoram.” Undoubtedly, the K2 and Gondogoro La trek stand as one of the world’s most awe-inspiring trekking experiences.

On this remarkable journey, you’ll be treated to a visual feast of natural wonders, including the iconic Trango Towers, the majestic Masherbrum, the towering Gasherbrum peaks, the indomitable K2, and the grandeur of Broad Peak. As you traverse the renowned Baltoro Glacier and pass through the extraordinary landscape of Concordia, you’ll understand why it’s often described as the “Throne Room of the Gods.” This is a place where a breathtaking 360-degree panorama of 7,000-meter peaks, along with the imposing presence of K2, leaves an indelible mark on your soul.

Gondogoro La trek & K2 Base Camp

Nestled in the heart of the Karakoram Range, the trek that unfolds in this breathtaking region is a testament to the untamed beauty and majestic grandeur that define Pakistan’s northern frontier. This iconic journey is a blend of awe-inspiring landscapes and thrilling challenges, a high-altitude adventure that promises unparalleled rewards for those willing to take on Karakoram’s formidable terrain.

Commencing in the picturesque village of Askole, the trek leads adventurers through a diverse terrain that ranges from verdant alpine meadows to rocky moraines and icy glaciers. The journey is a symphony of nature’s wonders, with the rushing rivers and towering peaks serving as constant companions.

One of the highlights of this trek is the breathtaking view from the mountain pass itself. At an elevation of approximately 18,000 feet, this vantage point provides a panoramic spectacle of the surrounding peaks, creating a surreal vista that etches itself into the memory of every trekker. The sense of accomplishment and awe that accompanies reaching this high-altitude pass is unparalleled.

En route, trekkers encounter the mesmerizing Concordia, a glacial confluence that serves as the meeting point for several of the world’s highest peaks. Surrounded by giants like K2, Broad Peak, and the Gasherbrums, Concordia is a natural amphitheatre that leaves trekkers spellbound, providing a moment of respite before continuing the ascent.

The trek also weaves through the fabled Baltoro Glacier, a sprawling river of ice that snakes its way through the Karakoram Range. The ice formations, crevasses, and seracs present both a challenge and a spectacle, offering a glimpse into the raw power and beauty of nature.

Camping beneath a canvas of stars, surrounded by the towering peaks of the Karakoram, is an experience that defines this journey. The nights at high-altitude campsites are filled with the crisp mountain air and the distant whispers of glaciers, creating an ambience that is both tranquil and exhilarating.

As trekkers traverse the landscape, they also encounter the warm hospitality of the local Balti people, whose villages dot the trail. These encounters provide a cultural immersion, allowing trekkers to glimpse into the traditional lifestyle of those who call this rugged terrain their home.

This trek, while physically demanding, is a journey that rewards not just with breathtaking views but with a profound sense of accomplishment. Each step taken is a testament to the spirit of exploration and resilience, and every pause is an opportunity to drink in the untouched beauty of a region that remains relatively unexplored.

Gondogoro la trek & K2 base camp

Gondogoro La trek is a voyage into the heart of the Karakoram, a dance with nature’s forces, and an exploration of the human spirit’s capacity for adventure. It is an odyssey that leaves an indelible mark on those who undertake it, a tapestry of challenges, triumphs, and awe-inspiring moments that create memories lasting a lifetime. For those seeking the extraordinary, this journey beckons, promising an adventure that transcends the ordinary and invites you to discover the untamed beauty of Pakistan’s northern wilderness.

Experience the extraordinary trek with Broad Peak Adventures. Our thoughtfully crafted itineraries prioritize acclimatization, safety, and cultural immersion. While conquering high mountain passes, you’ll not only build lasting memories but also form enduring friendships. Immerse yourself in a seamless and enriching trekking experience where the spirit of adventure meets the tranquillity of nature. Broad Peak Adventures is committed to ensuring you relish every moment of this iconic journey. Get ready to push your limits, embrace the unknown, and create memories that will last a lifetime with Broad Peak Adventures.

gondogoro la pass trek


Gondogoro La Pass Trek with Broad Peak Adventures

Embark on a mesmerizing journey through the rugged and awe-inspiring Karakoram Range with the Gondogoro La Pass Trek, meticulously crafted by Broad Peak Adventures. This 14-day trek is an unforgettable odyssey through one of the most breathtaking landscapes on Earth. As you set foot on this extraordinary adventure, you’ll be treated to a panoramic spectacle of majestic peaks, glaciers, and serene valleys.

Unveiling the Adventure: Our journey commences in Islamabad, Pakistan’s vibrant capital, where you’ll be warmly welcomed by our team. After a night of rest and a detailed trek briefing, we take to the skies, offering you a bird’s eye view of the Himalayas during your flight to Skardu. The visual feast doesn’t stop there; Skardu, the gateway to the Karakoram, serves as the perfect base for final preparations.

Into the Heart of the Karakoram: We set off on an epic road journey to Askole, the last village before entering the untamed wilderness. The Braldu River becomes our companion as we hike through Jhula and reach Paiju, allowing time for acclimatization and exploration. The journey continues through Khuburse and Urdukas, each campsite more spectacular than the last.

Concordia – The Throne Room of the Gods: Our trek unfolds as we navigate the mesmerizing Baltoro Glacier, leading us to the geographical heart of the Karakoram – Concordia. Here, you’ll be greeted by an astonishing 360-degree panorama of towering peaks, including the iconic K2, Broad Peak, and the Gasherbrum range. This is the kind of sight that will leave you breathless, both from the altitude and the sheer grandeur of the surroundings.

Summiting Gondogoro La Pass: The heart-pounding excitement continues as you tackle the challenging ascent of Gondogoro La Pass. This high-altitude pass, reaching 5,940 meters, promises an unrivaled view of K2, Broad Peak, and the entire Karakoram range. The descent into the Hushe Valley provides a whole new perspective on this mountainous wonderland, with Hushe village offering a warm welcome from the Balti people.

Returning to Civilization: As the trek concludes, you’ll journey from Hushe to Skardu, along the picturesque Shyok and Indus rivers, taking in the beauty of small Balti villages along the way. In Skardu, you’ll savor the luxuries of a comfortable bed and a revitalizing shower.

A Lasting Memory: As you wrap up your adventure with a flight back to Islamabad, you’ll carry the enduring memories of this remarkable journey in your heart. The Gondogoro La Pass Trek with Broad Peak Adventures is not just a trek; it’s an experience that etches itself into your soul.

Join us on this odyssey of epic proportions, where every step is an opportunity to embrace the sublime beauty of the Karakoram. Broad Peak Adventures promises an unforgettable and safe expedition, led by seasoned guides who prioritize your safety and well-being. This trek is your gateway to experiencing the wild and breathtaking landscapes of Pakistan.

Broad Peak Adventures - Gondogoro La Pass Trek: 20-Day Itinerary

Arrive in Islamabad, Pakistan.
Our team will meet you at the Islamabad International Airport.
Transfer to your hotel for a restful night and a briefing about the upcoming adventure.

An early morning flight to Skardu or by road if there are no flights.
Enjoy panoramic views of Nanga Parbat and other Himalayan peaks during the flight.
Check in at your Skardu hotel and spend the day at leisure.

A day to prepare for the trek.
Final gear check and any last-minute purchases.
Explore Skardu's local bazaars and sights.

Drive to Askole in 4x4 jeeps, the last village before the wilderness (6-7 hours).
Meet our local staff and start your trek.
Camp in Askole.

Trek through picturesque landscapes along the Braldu River.
Cross the wooden bridge and camp at Jhula.

Continue trekking along the Braldu River, passing Bardumal.
Reach Paiju, your campsite for the night.

Spend the day acclimatizing in Paiju.
Explore the stunning surroundings or simply relax.

Trek deeper into the heart of the Karakoram.
Set up camp at the stunning Khuburse campsite beneath the Uli Biaho Towers.

Continue your ascent with views of Masherbrum and other peaks.
Camp at Urdukas, offering breathtaking panoramic vistas.

Trek along the majestic Baltoro Glacier to reach Goro II, a high-altitude camp.
Enjoy fantastic views of the glacier and peaks like Gasherbrum IV.

Traverse the vast Baltoro Glacier to reach Concordia, the heart of the Karakoram.
Witness a mesmerizing panorama of K2, Broad Peak, Gasherbrum I and II.
Camp at Concordia.

A day to explore the "Throne Room of the Gods," Concordia.
Optional excursions to Broad Peak Base Camp or other nearby attractions.

Begin your journey towards Gondogoro La Pass.
Set up camp at Ali Camp, surrounded by rugged mountain landscapes.

An early start for the challenging Gondogoro La Pass (5,940m).
Savor breathtaking views of K2, Broad Peak, and the Karakoram range.
Descend to Khuspang and set up camp for your final night in the wilderness.

Descend further, transitioning to the Hushe Valley.
Drive to the picturesque village of Hushe.
Interact with the friendly locals and camp for the night.

Drive through the Shyok and Indus river valleys to Skardu.
Recharge in your Skardu hotel with a well-deserved hot shower and comfortable bed.

Explore the beauty and culture of Skardu

Fly back to Islamabad, enjoying your last views of the Karakoram.
Explore Islamabad or relax at your hotel.

Day 19 :

Depending on your flight schedule, you may have time for last-minute shopping or sightseeing.
Bid farewell to Pakistan as you depart from Islamabad, concluding your unforgettable Gondogoro La Pass Trek.

*Please note that this itinerary is subject to adjustments based on weather conditions and group preferences. Safety and acclimatization are paramount during this challenging trek, and our experienced guides will ensure your safety and enjoyment throughout the journey. We look forward to making your Gondogoro La Pass Trek with Broad Peak Adventures an incredible and unforgettable experience.

One spare day in case of any delays or issues throughout the tour.


  • Experienced Guides: Knowledgeable and skilled local guides who are intimately familiar with the terrain, culture, and safety considerations of the region.
  • Accommodations: Accommodation in comfortable hotels in Islamabad and Skardu before and after the trek. During the trek, high-quality tents and camping equipment are provided.
  • Meals: Nutritious and delicious meals throughout the trek, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Special dietary requirements can be accommodated upon prior notice.
  • Transportation: Airport transfers, as well as 4x4 jeep transportation to and from Askole.
  • Trekking Permits: All necessary trekking permits and entry fees for the Karakoram National Park.
  • Porter Services: Porters to carry group equipment, such as tents and food, allowing you to trek with a lighter load.
  • Climbing Gear: Crampons for the Gondogoro La Pass climb, ensuring your safety and stability in high-altitude conditions.
  • Cultural Interaction: Opportunities to engage with the warm and friendly Balti people in Hushe village and experience their traditional way of life.


  • What's Excluded:
  • International Flights: Airfare to and from Islamabad, Pakistan is not included in the package.
  • Travel Insurance: Personal travel and medical insurance is not provided. We strongly recommend purchasing comprehensive travel insurance to cover potential emergencies or trip cancellations.
  • Visa Fees: Any fees related to obtaining a tourist visa for Pakistan are the responsibility of the traveler.
  • Personal Gear: You are responsible for your personal trekking equipment, including clothing, sleeping bags, and other personal items.
  • Meals Outside the Trek: Meals in Islamabad and Skardu before and after the trek are not included.
  • Optional Excursions: Any optional side trips or additional activities not mentioned in the itinerary are at an additional cost.
  • Tips and Gratuities: While not mandatory, gratuities for guides, porters, and the local team are greatly appreciated for their hard work and dedication.
  • Unforeseen Expenses: Any additional expenses incurred due to unforeseen circumstances such as flight cancellations or delays are not included in the package.
  • Please review the inclusions and exclusions carefully, and ensure you have adequate insurance coverage for the trek. Feel free to contact us for any specific questions or further assistance in planning your Gondogoro La Pass Trek with Broad Peak Adventures.
What is the best time to undertake the Gondogoro La Pass Trek?

The optimal time for this trek is during the summer months, from late June to early September when the weather is most stable, and the trails are accessible.

What is the level of difficulty for the Gondogoro La Pass Trek?

This trek is considered strenuous and is best suited for experienced trekkers. The high altitude and challenging terrain require physical fitness and proper acclimatization.

How do you handle altitude sickness during the trek?

Our itinerary is designed with acclimatization days to help trekkers adjust to high altitudes gradually. Our experienced guides are trained to recognize and manage altitude sickness symptoms.

What should I pack for the trek?

You’ll need a range of gear, including warm clothing, a good quality sleeping bag, hiking boots, and personal items. A detailed packing list will be provided upon booking.

Are porters available, and what is their load-carrying capacity?

Yes, porters are available to carry group equipment. They typically carry up to 20-25 kilograms per person, which includes camping gear and supplies.

Is travel insurance required for the trek?

Yes, travel insurance is mandatory. It should include coverage for medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and evacuation in case of emergencies.

How is drinking water provided during the trek?

We provide purified water throughout the trek. Trekkers can also bring water purification methods or iodine tablets for extra precautions.

What are the restroom facilities during the trek?

Restroom facilities are basic and include outdoor, environmentally-friendly options. Trekkers should bring their own toilet paper.

Do I need to obtain permits for the trek, and are they included in the package?

Yes, you’ll need trekking permits for the Karakoram National Park. These permits are included in the package, and we will assist you in obtaining them.

Can I join a group or do I need to book the entire trek privately?

Both options are available. You can join a pre-arranged group departure or choose to book a private trek tailored to your preferred dates and group size.

If you have additional questions or require more information about the Gondogoro La Pass Trek with Broad Peak Adventures, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We are here to assist you in planning an unforgettable trekking experience.


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